Brett Wild
Creative Director: Avatar Agency

I had the privilege of getting Judith here at Avatar for a period that, in my opinion, was way too short. She is the kind of person that wasn’t here to simply do the work, she came in to help build this place. A mission she took on with whole heartedness. And that’s the thing about women. I find she is a rare breed. It’s all or nothing with her. These are the people we need in agencies. She has the enthusiasm that drives those around her to want to do better and that includes clients. She has the charisma to sell the work she believes in. And she has the uncanny ability to still be excited by the wonderful business we are in. These are qualities that lead to being a top notch creative.

Busi Vick,
Head Disruptor: PR & Employee Engagement at BCX

Trudy is an excellent events manager executive. She is Diligent. She is professional. She is passionate about her work. Her customer service is exceptional— she provides her customers with the strategic advise and solutions when it comes to designing and executing an event.

Yumna Emeran,
DBSA: Head of Strategy

Thank you guys for your patiencec and phenomenal support!
The event went off seamlessly and I was exceptionally pleased with the level of commitment and proactivity you and your team displayed.